Poor Impulse Control

Sir Chadwick Worthington III

Success and power have always come easily for Chadwick Worthington, his family name guaranteed that from the moment he was born. He was afforded every opportunity in life and rarely missed a chance to squander it. His family, an austere group with little patience for jackassery, found little to be proud of in young Chadwick. Nonetheless the Worthington family’s connections kept Chadwick from facing any real consequences for his misadventures, with LOGIC being called in more than once to clean up the ensuing mess.

Chadwick was always a natural athlete, excelling in any competition he could be bothered to show up for. Lacking the focus to compete at higher levels, Chadwick eventually fell back on his one true passion in life: partying. After being cut off by his father for excessive debauchery, he financed his lifestyle by applying his athletic abilities towards petty crimes and cat burglary, putting himself in the crosshairs of a dangerous organization in the process.

After his father’s sudden death Chadwick returned to London to discover that a condition had been added to his father’s will: Chadwick would only receive inheritance proportional to the positive change he brings about in the world, as calculated by the family’s army of high-priced lawyers.

Unsure of how to apply his unconventional skills in a positive way, Chadwick begrudgingly set out to find a new path.